Aanbeveling van een enthousiast hoofdredacteur uit Denemarken op LinkedIn:

“Koos Staal is an excellent designer. I worked with several newspaper and magazine designers - danish designers as well as international designer-gurues. Koos is ranking absolutely top of my list. Koos understands the business. He has a strong sense for the needs and style of different target-groups. He understands journalism. He is extraordinary brave and creative - but in exactly the way, we need in magazines and newspapers: He does not push design before content. He makes design an integral part of content. He makes content pop up from the pages into the mind of the reader. I warmly recommend Koos Staal. I allready used Koos on three projects, and I would not hesitate for a moment using him again for a major redesign or a brand new design of a magazine or a daily newspaper.”

Per Westergård editor-in-chief Fyens Stiftstidende, Odense, Denmark
May 8, 2009