Paperworks nl, Newspaper design, an inside view will be launched in february 2012.

December 2011 - There’s no shortage of books about major and minor aspects of graphic design and typography. Designer bookstores are awash with luscious books on the design of letterheads, wayfinding systems, the web, businesscards, posters, books and much more. But finding literature on designing newspapers is quite a different matter.
Even though the newspaper is a mass medium where typography is really core business. For this reason alone, newspaper design definitely deserves more attention.

Paperworks nl is about designing newspapers. About typical aspects of the medium. To demonstrate that an ephemeral product like a daily newspaper is composed with great attention to details which, although visible, often go unnoticed by the daily reader.

The author, Koos Staal, conducted as graphic designer over fifty redesigns of newspapers in the Netherlands, Europe and Asia. Paperworks nl is a reflection of his varied experience in linking the designer studio with the newsroom, illustrated by examples from his portfolio.

Paperworks nl will be published in an english and german edition by Koos Staal and [z]oo producties.

Paperworks nl
20 x 24 cm, 124 pages, Japanse binding, hardcover
Full colour, isbn 978-90-74009-84-3